Expectations: Motivator or Taskmaster

How do you gauge success? Do you base success on whether you achieved what you thought you could do or by the skills you learned while in pursuit of your goal?

If  you chose the first, then you probably go through life quite frustrated at times because often what you set out to accomplish doesn’t always materialize, but slips through your fingers like shifting seashore sand.

Expectations create the tipping point for action; and yet, if inflexible, morph into a taskmaster that drives you relentlessly.

Motivator: Tipping Point for Action

Have you ever seen one of those innovative contraptions in which a little ball travels down a series of channels? When the ball reaches what I call the tipping point, the weight causes the release of a lever, which, in turn, opens up a new path.

So it is with expectations. Our desire to achieve a particular goal motivates us to work hard, yet often the initial pursuit ends up falling short of what we envisioned. In fact, it often takes us in an unexpected direction. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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