“Lord, help me to endure my blessings.”

A tiny refrigerator magnet reminds me to be thankful when coffers of heart and home bulge with abundance. The words etched into the middle read, “Lord, help me to endure my blessings.” My mother gave me this magnet as a gift during a particularly busy time of my life. Now the words comfort me as I rush about my week in an attempt to diminish my never-ending “To Do” list.

A new job fills my life to overflowing with opportunities for growth and change, for me… and for others.

Home improvement projects swell my soul and yet swallow me whole as work consumes evenings and weekends.

Memories of tiny hands pressed into fresh cement stir emotions, and my thoughts begin to battle. I don’t have time to feel! And yet the urge to reminisce overwhelms me.

Taking time for this post feels indulgent, and yet if I do not write my thoughts down I fear I might burst from hurrying’s inner combustion.

Yes, sometimes life forces the rush: the racing instead of the writing, the preparing instead of the pondering, the acting instead of the feeling, the doing instead of the being.

Wash clothes, load crock pot…need to pack, need to clean, need to breathe.

During these stressful days, we do well if we can whisper, “Lord, help me to endure my blessings.”

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