The Acrylic Painting of Artist Elya Filler

Today I celebrate an artist’s recent success. An artist I’ve had the privilege of watching emerge since she was just a wee thing, my daughter Elya Filler.

Elya began creating as far back as I can remember. She would escape into her room and get lost in making tiny books and writing stories about horses. She experimented with many art mediums before discovering, and falling passionately in love with, acrylic paints.

Now, every week, I wonder what Elya will dream up next. In fact, recently I went into her Etsy Store to purchase one of her new paintings. The acrylic tree mesmerized me, and so I thought it would be a nice surprise to buy it online.

I hesitated and then when I went back online five minutes later, to my surprise, the painting had sold within minutes. In fact, within the span of a couple of weeks, Elya’s paintings started selling and she received a request for a commission on a three-part tree painting she is now working on for a customer.

Then just the other day, her sister pointed out one of Elya’s paintings on Etsy, “Cherry Blossoms,” and said, “I want to buy this one.”

Then Elya texts me the very next day, “Mom, someone has emailed her about buying the painting “Cherry Blossoms.”

Now I find myself thinking, Hey which ones do I want before they’re all gone?

Seriously now, I’m thrilled that Elya’s art is taking off lately. I can attest to the incalculable hours she has painted for the sheer pleasure of it, as well as painted to give gifts to many of her friends and family. In fact, this one is my all-time favorite she titled, “The Tree of Life.” This painting was a gift to her grandfather, a spiritual mentor in her life.

So today I celebrate Elya’s artistic success and post what is still for sale on Etsy, while they last, mind you. This painting has been pinned repeatedly on Pinterest but I don’t think people know that it is still for sale on Elya’s Etsy store, “But I see it was you.” You may purchase this painting at:…. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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