Releasing the Knowing

To live the life of faith, one must release the human compulsion to know, to figure it all out, to select the most secure path, step-by-step.

  • To know how life will unfold in any given situation
  • To know the purpose of every endeavor
  • To reduce the risks at all costs
  • To guarantee success

As I age, I’m starting to realize how much of a control freak I’ve become. What’s worse, I disguise my compulsion with, “I just want to live a life pleasing to God.”

In reality, I’ve got my teeth sunk into Eve’s apple. You know the story…the slithering serpent’s temptation gets the better of her: “If you eat this fruit, then you will become like God, knowing good from evil.”

“Well heck ya,” I would have said, “Who doesn’t want to know good from evil?”

I would have argued with God, “Lord, we humans could waltz our way around life’s potholes if we had the knowing. We could end every day secure in the choices we’ve made” READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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