The Goodness of God and Conditional Belief

Do we believe God is good only when He does what we want? Lately I’ve been pondering this question and the concept of conditional belief. How often my lips whisper, “I know I can trust you,” when my mind conjures, if you give me what I prayed for. In fact, I find the simple trust a child inherently has difficult for me to practice.

I think we can all relate, on some level, to conditional belief, the concept that God is good if He provides, protects, or produces.

Yet what if God doesn’t heal your beloved or the mortgage money never materializes? What if you lose your job, get stuck in one you abhor, or fail to pass that test to qualify for another?

What if you’ve suffered as a child? Was God’s goodness temporarily suspended? No, God is good whether you had a miserable childhood or made cookies with flour-patted hands. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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