Edie Kynard: Frazzled, Fearless & Free

Art is a fruit that grows in man, like fruit on a plant, or a child in it’s mother’s womb. – Edie Kynard

“Driving along with my Nikon on the seat beside me, I was content with a cup of coffee and scenic views of a foggy morning in St. Augustine. The lake looked surreal and I knew that this piece of work was going to be very satisfying! It’s gorgeous in print!”

Welcome to the creative eclectic world of Edie Kynard.

I love to encourage people and I love to create. – Edie Kynard

I first met Edie’s art online when I came across her piece, “Honey is the nectar of heaven,” on her website, www.ediekynard.com. Her artwork captivated me so I left her a comment on her blog and a request to feature this piece on my creativity website. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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