Criticism: Raven of the Soul

I’d rather be a dove of peace than a raven of criticism. In fact, I often think…there is already so much wrong in the world, why point out the obvious, over and over again?

I also wonder at what point personal beliefs end and another’s free will begins? Is there a fine line between standing up for what we believe and appeasing the powerful or conforming to the weak? And is it a loving act to wound in order to heal, if constructive criticism helps another to see his or her fault and reform?

I wonder whether the One, who is perfect in all of His ways, cautions us not to judge least we be judged because He has appointed few worthy enough to call others to account.

Constructive criticism can be a powerful tool in the hands of the wise and kind of heart. Yet this same force can shred another’s sense of self.

Criticism is an anomaly—sometimes the most wounding of interactions propel our purposes forward because we grow in wisdom as we seek to overcome our pain.

In fact, this nasty bird of prey can even pluck out our imperfections when another hones in on what we fail to see in ourselves. The challenge most certainly resides in how to discern the difference.


I don’t have the answers to these questions, but I feel it is important to ask them.

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