Home Renovation: An Overwhelming yet Exhilarating Creative Project

Renovating a home is, perhaps, one of the most all-consuming, ginormous artistic projects a person can tackle. My husband and I have trekked through seven months of Mount Everest-like obstacles and are still looking for the summit of finishing these home-improvements.

As if the grueling six months of short-sale-stretched-long didn’t churn up enough anxiety and stress. We got the keys to a home that was filthy and full of other people’s abandoned stuff. Five trips to the dump later, and an entire family helping to gut and clean, we entered phase two of our new artistic adventure…


That’s right, home renovation requires more choices than Carter has pills. (I’m aging myself with that idiom, so if you’re young, just ignore it.) In fact, I’ve never made so many creative decisions in such a short span of time.

From floor to ceiling, a home renovation project requires selection. Here’s just a few of the questions you must ask yourself, and then squabble over with your spouse:

  • What kind, color, and quality of flooring do you want?
  • What color of paint for the walls, baseboards, and ceiling? Do you want any rooms or walls different colors? READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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