Deborah Keily Hanson: Pianist, Composer, Teacher

Meet the multi-talented Deborah Keily Hanson: pianist, composer, teacher and so much more! I play her music while creating because her unique arrangements inspire my creative muse.

I first met Deborah almost twenty years ago when I returned from living in Europe. My children attended El Dorado where Deborah produced and directed over 20 musicals. I choreographed dances for a couple of her amazing productions. However, both of us didn’t realize, at the time, that her father was my favorite teacher of all time. Back in the 6th grade, I had the privilege of benefiting from his artistic approach to making learning fun and innovative. Her collection titled “Pianoscapes” is inspired by his paintings.

Here is an excerpt from her bio posted on her website: “Deborah Keily Hanson has a diverse musical background. An accomplished musician, teacher, and performer,  she has performed solo recitals, accompanied soloists from the New York Philharmonic and the Metropolitan Opera, performed at the Ocho Rios International Jazz Festival in Jamaica, accompanied musical theater groups locally and with the Los Angeles Opera Musical Theater Company.”

Her website gives additional information about this amazing woman and her many accomplishments: You can click to play her music and order CD’s from her website. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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