The Pairing of Music and Painting

Like fine wine paired with cheese, the pairing of a song and a painting invigorate the viewer, sooth the soul, and revive resolve to live, to create, to believe!

Pianist and composer, Deborah Keily Hanson, and I have embarked on a series of music and wine pairings.

The first is Golden Butterfly of Chiang Mai. You can read the backstory in Art Heals the Soul.

Listen to the music paired with the painting:

We are currently working on pairing her song, La Petite Rose, with my painting of the same name. She’s coming soon:

Another project we’re very excited about is titled Bluebird. Envision a woman finding hope and joy in the midst of despair and pain. Her hair is a bouquet of blue flowers with a bluebird perched on top. Deborah describes composing as “painting with notes,” so I’m very excited to see what this painting inspires musically!

Deborah is currently composing the music while I create the painting.

What a gift creative collaborations are! Creativity inspires creativity, and that is amply true of our joint projects.

Visit Deborah’s website to discover more of her amazing music:

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Find her extraordinary music on Apple Music.

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