The Magic of Christmas

The magic of Christmas is in the air, crisp pitter patter across crunchy snow captured in tiny white lights, sparkling messengers of hope peeking out of garlands and over tree branches.Tasty Candy Cane

I sit and sigh, knowing, once again, why I adore this holiday so. Mysteriously, Christmas stirs the part of my soul that always stays young, a child who never grows up. I’m sure she exists, at Christmas time! The knobby-kneed girl who gazes up at the Christmas tree in wonder.

1960's Christmas Photo

This holiday transports me to a time long before those impressionable years of youth descended, a time when I believed…in the magic of Christmas…


in the realness of Santa…

Santa Nostalgia Photo

in tiny wooden soldiers commanding toys while ballerinas swirl across wooden floors. Mystical moments when snowmen led parades of giggling girls and boys, and Rudolph’s cherry-red nose lit the path for Santa’s present-laden sleigh.

Dough Art Rudolph Reindeer Sleigh Rides500

So when Christmas comes around, the anticipation of pretending builds in my chest until the magic bursts through, and pretending to be a grown up crumbles so the child inside can marvel over the magic.

Stephen w Nativity 960

My hubby and I drag containers out of rafters, hang sparkling lights across garlands, set up villages atop cabinets, and adorn every possibly surface with stuffed angels, bearded Santas, and snow people with dancing eyes.

saltdough snowman
Salt Dough Snowman created by JoDee Luna and Gina Wilson

I imagine that I’m clutching the counter of Sophie’s Sweet Shop, eyes round, tongue licking lips.Sophies_Sweets_Minature_House500

And I know I’m not alone. The other night, I saw my sister get on her knees and gaze at tiny people picking the perfect Christmas trees in the miniature scene set under our Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Farm 960

Yes, I dare to believe in the magic of Christmas, even though my adult self knows, full well, about the baby in the manger, God’s gift to us, and angels belting out a heavenly proclamation: “Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth, good will toward men.”


But then again, I think, perhaps it takes the heart of a child to believe.


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