A Recipe for Creativity

The rumbling inside bubbles; a brook of new beginnings beckons. Creativity’s call to contemplate and create.Yosemite Stream

Newness surges, rushes over obstacles I’ve allowed to stymie me, to close my art room door, when I’m on the wrong side.

So I wrestle with all of my realities, I’m too busy…need to go to the gym…fix up the house for guests…finish decorating for Christmas, finish my Christmas shopping. But determined, as I am to win, I finally pin the excuses to the floor. I answer creativity’s call and set up another table inside my art room.

I plop assorted pieces of possibility on top, and then close the door to all of the things I have to do.I wince when I look at the explosion of fabrics and buttons, garlands and berries, painted-wood pieces and incomplete ornaments. The clutter grates against my organized self.

Christmas Craft Supplies

Yet, from this mayhem, ideas start to pop: Place a fabric yo yo here and button there. 

Before long, the trickle of ideas starts to flow into completed ornaments. The stream becomes a surge of inspiration, rushing forward, sweeping me along, until the hours go by and the sun sets. 

What is this magic that happens? I muse. Even though I don’t fully understand, something magical does happen when I take the time to open the art room door and enter. When I set out supplies and wait to see what happen my muse shows up.

Yes, God is faithful to deliver artistic grace with we dare to play. I sense His grace swirling in sweet streams of creation. I cup my hands and sip slowly.

Then, while splashing in these waters of delight, an idea flashes: I’ll set aside a time to teach friends, family, and their children/grandchildren to create, just like Mom taught me and my sis so very long ago.

Yes, the recipe for creativity is really quite simple: 

  • Take a little time
  • Clear a little space
  • Set up a few supplies

And lastly, watch the magic happen!

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