Creative Gifts for Any Occasion

Here are some of the creative Christmas gifts my family and I received that I thought blog visitors might want to tuck away as a possible gift idea for any time of the year.

Elya and Andy

One special treat was having my daughters spent some extra time with me. We went to see a movie together and then talked for hours. My daughter’s boyfriend, Chad, made me this framed cork board to hang in the desk area of our kitchen.

Cork Board

Other  interesting gifts from Chad were these bath bombs purchased at Lush. I placed them on the counter so their scent could freshen up the bathroom.

Bath Bombs by Lush

Here’s a great idea for a gift, a dream journal. This one was from my son, Josiah, and his fiancé, Monique. They bought this in Ankara, Turkey during their recent trip.

They also gave me this lovely change purse made in Turkey.

How about a unique scarf? Another great gift from Monique for Elya and Andy.

I love these handmade earrings my daughter, Elya, purchased on Etsy. She’d decided to support other artists this holiday season. The earrings are beautiful and her support of other artists admirable. I’ll add a link as soon as I find out who the artist is.

My stepson and his wife, Jason and Laura, framed wedding photos for my husband and I. What a wonderful gift you could give someone for any occasion.

My Dad got a stretch monkey and gift card in the family gift exchange.

As fantastic as all of these gifts were, my favorite gifts this Christmas were definitely the times spent with my precious family. Nothing can compare with these wonderful moments together.






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