Women’s Weekend Away at the Apple Farm Inn

A couple of times a year, my sister, her bff, my sister-in-law, and I sneak away on a girls’ weekend to this quaint little piece of heaven on earth, the Apple Farm Inn.

Girls Weekend Away

I’m writing from my favorite nook on the top floor of the Inn located in San Luis Obispo. A plaid chair nestles next to a burnished bronze accent table where I set my coffee cup in between sips. This is just one of my favorite places to sit and ponder. Here’s another one.

Apple Farm Inn San Luis Obispo

Can the magic be summed up in one word? Never! But here are a few reflections to describe the enchantment we experience when we take time for ourselves.

  • Escape-it’s fun to flee all of our responsibilities for a few days. An adventurous spirit overtakes us and we roam the Apple Farm Inn hallways sighing over the paintings, vintage dressers, and other delectable décor.
  • Pamper-draped in white-terrycloth robes, we meander down to the lobby in the morning for fresh-brewed coffee and to the Jacuzzi in the evenings for a relaxing soak.
  • Traditions-our travel traditions include splitting an apple dumpling every day, warm from the oven and smothered with vanilla sauce and ice cream; strolls down to a quaint wine bar for wine tasting and delectable appetizers.

We giggle late into the night, swap funny stories, and process frustrating feelings. We revert back to a time when we were young at heart, remembering what it felt like to live free from our present cares and concerns.

And we return ready to live our lives with more vim and vigor (after the initial days of depression that result from having to leave the Apple Farm subside).

Yes, I strongly suggest you take some time away from your usual life to retreat. Find a few friends and enjoy some fun and fancy. I guarantee your creativity will blossom if you do.

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