For the Love of Texture: 7 Mixed Media Tips

When I was a little girl, I loved all things soft and natural and feathery. Even though I’ve grown into woman skin, the little girl inside still delights in touching different textures. This is one BIG reason why I seek to explore and experiment with mixed media art. Mixed media gives me the opportunity to touch and play with various mediums.

Queen's Garland

So for all of you touchy-feely artistic people out there, here are 7 tips to help make your mixed media experience more enjoyable.

Love Mixed Media Heart

Tip #1: Include what you love.

The idea of combining so many of my favorites into a soul expression intrigues me: Here are a few of my delights: floral designing, painting, sculpturing, collaging, sewing, and accessorizing. I also love photography and often use my photos as the foundation for a mixed media. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

Bird of Paradise Painting Using Projector

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