Kindred Hearts: Inspire, Delight, Sustain

I am a mother most blessed to have two daughters with whom my heart feels safe and my artistic spirit inspired. We are kindred hearts.

Kindred Hearts Mixed Media

Elya and Andy returned home last weekend and we snuck away to create in my art room.

Andy and Elya Painting

Andy painted masks…

Blue Masquerade Mask

while Elya began a new painting…

and I crafted my delight into a mixed media I titled “Kindred Hearts.”

Although we are unique individuals, we share a love of philosophizing about life, venting our frustrations, and processing our feelings. We lean on one another, inspire new ideas, and soak in the soothing soul balm that swirls around the room when we design side-by-side.

The piano music danced to a melodious tune, which upturned winter thoughts into spring. I felt so alive in those moments when my daughters chatted and painted beside me.

We created deep into the evenings until my husband peeked into the room and chided, “Quality control!” The war movie had ended and He and Chad (Elya’s boyfriend) came in to see what we were doing. I glanced up to see their faces smiling with amusement at the three of us so engrossed in our art.

“This one’s my favorite. I like this other one as well.” Justin gently touched the masks.

Chad added his comments as well, “I really like this painting.”

And as the men shared their compliments, I remembered a previous conversation Andy, Elya, and I had.

“Can one person completely satisfy you?” I asked.

“No,” Andy answered. “I could never get from anyone else what I get from the two of you. We are kindred hearts.”

*I’m honored to be one of the selected artists for this week’s “Inspire me Monday” post through Create with Joy. Check it out!

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