Deep Cauldron of Emotions: Lighting the Way through Personal Expression

When we dare to connect with and share our feelings, we light the way for others to do the same. This is the gift of writing and the glory of words.

Lighting the way through personal expression.
Lighting the way through personal expression.

Have you ever read someone’s insights and felt the pouring of warm wax over the candle of understanding hidden within your soul? The writer’s words flow past your mind and stir longings so deep inside of you that you gasp. What was foggy becomes clear, and what you could not set right in your own mind and heart starts to make sense.

Each scoop of expression forms another layer of understanding, and with the right spark, the darkness glows with serenity.


Writing helps me to process feelings and through struggles. When I take the time to pen my most pensive thoughts, confusion clears and truth surfaces. What I must let go of or grieve becomes apparent. Writing lights the way out of the dark nights of the soul. So, when someone else reads my writings and benefits, this warms my heart and makes the entire struggle even more worth the effort.

As believers, we are called to “let our lights shine” so that others might glorify our Father who is in heaven; yet our potential to shine, like the forming of a candle, happens one layer at a time. When we dare to expose our most vulnerable selves through the words of our testimony, God strikes the match.

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