Relinquish the Unrealistic

When life plucks feathers from your expectation’s wings, relinquishing the unrealistic helps you to land safely and walk in contentment.

grey feather  with jewelry heart

Here I sit on the fourth day of my Spring Break with a “To Do” list far longer than the remaining two days I have left to accomplish my goals. The inner agitation finally forces me to reevaluate my plans and to readjust my expectations.

I’m a type A personality—raised by a hard-working father who repeatedly reminded us children, “A job worth doing is worth doing well.” And although I’m grateful for the work ethic Dad instilled in my siblings and I, I often find myself taking on far more than I can do.

The image in my mind is that of those early aviator innovators who made wings and then leapt off high buildings in an attempt to fly. I often do the same, metaphorically speaking, only to discover, to my dismay, that life quickly plucks out the feathers. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

White Feather

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