Relinquish the Unrealistic

When life plucks feathers from your expectation’s wings, relinquishing the unrealistic helps you to land safely and walk in contentment.

grey feather  with jewelry heart

Here I sit on the fourth day of my Spring Break with a “To Do” list far longer than the remaining two days I have left to accomplish my goals. The inner agitation finally forces me to reevaluate my plans and to readjust my expectations.

I’m a type A personality—raised by a hard-working father who repeatedly reminded us children, “A job worth doing is worth doing well.” And although I’m grateful for the work ethic Dad instilled in my siblings and I, I often find myself taking on far more than I can do.

The image in my mind is that of those early aviator innovators who made wings and then leapt off high buildings in an attempt to fly. I often do the same, metaphorically speaking, only to discover, to my dismay, that life quickly plucks out the feathers.

White Feather

Although I hate to give up, relinquishing my lofty ideals keeps me grounded.

How do you know whether your expectations are set too high? 

Look for feelings of annoyance, disappointment, and depression. Do you find yourself focusing on the remaining items on your “To Do” and “To Be” lists instead of what you “have done” and “have become?”

I’m reading “Simply Shine” by Jill Blashack Strahan, the founder of “Tastefully Simple,” a very successful direct sales company. Jill is on Inc. magazine’s top CEO All Stars list and has accomplished more in one lifetime than I could hope for in ten.  I’m inspired by this amazing woman’s story and focus:

 “Looking for what I’ve done that’s right and reflecting on my victories is celebrating the simple, day-to-day things. And that gives me power.”

 So today I’m going to take Jill’s advice and pass on her wisdom to you.

If you also feel overwhelmed, join me in taking time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished and to identify some items we can check off our lists. Let’s relinquish the unrealistic.

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