How to Paint a Masquerade Mask

Here’s 5 helpful hints on how to paint a masquerade mask.

The Pretender Masquerade Mask Acrylic Painting and Poem

I’m finally finished with an acrylic painting I’ve been working on for weeks and thought I’d pass on some tips on how to paint a masquerade mask. My daughter, Andrea, recently delighted me with the news that she’s taken up acrylic painting. She asked me for some tips so I dedicated this post to her. Enjoy sweetie!

Step 1 Get Inspired

Find a photo that calls to you. My inspiration was a photo my husband, Justin, took of our daughter, Andrea, her friends, and I.

I decided to title my painting The Pretender because I often wear a mask to hide what’s going on inside of me. I think this is true of most people. We all pretend at times. The poem came as I began the painting.

Step 2 Cheat—Use Tracing Paper

That’s right. Make the process easier by printing the photo and then placing tracing paper between the photo and the canvas. Use a stylus or pencil to trace the photo onto the canvas. This will help you to get the proportions accurate.

Step 3 Use the Photo

Place the photo next to the canvas and try to capture colors, tones, shadows, and highlights. I like to use the photo on my computer because the resolution is better so I can see more of the details.

Step 4 Focus on Sections

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with all you have to do. Instead, work one section of the painting at a time.

Eventually, the parts will come together to form the whole.

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