Warrior Princess, New Mask Painting in Process

I’ve been working on a new acrylic painting, Warrior Princess, inspired by a mask my daughter, Elya, made and a poem and post I wrote.

Acrylic Mask Painting Warrior Princess

Far from finished, this painting has truly been a delight, as I explored contrasts of black and white and the use of bold colors, such as orange and red.

Here’s a few photos and tips of what I have done so far:

First, I printed out the photo, placed tracing paper between the photo and the canvas, and then traced the image onto the canvas.

Tracing Warrior Princess Mask Photo

Next, I used the photo on my computer to guide my attempts to capture the essence of the photo.

I tried to see shades and colors, hues and tones, instead of the photos obvious parts, such as an eye.Sometimes I rotated the image and canvas upside down to help me focus on shapes instead of my preconceived ideas of the image.

I also took artistic liberties to change the original look.

Far from finished, warrior princess is challenging me to develop my painting techniques.

To purchase reproductions of this painting, visit my Fine Art America Shop.

*For more inspiration visit https://refrainfromtheidentical.com.





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