Salt Dough Sculpture

Salt dough sculpture is an enjoyable and easy-to-do craft for kids of all ages.

Salt Dough Lion in Sleigh

I began sculpturing dough when I was but a wee one some 40 plus years ago. In fact, a former neighbor still has Christmas ornaments I made for her when I was a child. I taught my children to sculpt with dough, and they would bring their adult friends home for salt dough craft time. I also sold salt dough when my sister and I had our arts and crafts business.

salt dough reindeer


4 Replies to “Salt Dough Sculpture”

    1. Gilian, I’m happy that you are going to try salt dough. It is easy to mold and an inexpensive alternative. I just realized that I forgot to add a part about drying. You can dry them at 170 degrees all day (turn over and dry all night), or just let them air dry. With air drying, you have to fill in a section on the back that usually results from air drying. Have fun!

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