Mixed Media Collage Recycling Project

This post features a mixed media project that I created using a recycled picture frame, a jewelry heart piece, and scrapbook scraps. I’ve had a desire to create more mixed media artwork using supplies I’ve already had around the house. The suggested supplies are listed below:

  • A picture frame
  • A thin canvas
  • Acrylic paint
  • Golden Gel Medium
  • An assortment of scrapbook paper
  • KECompany Designer Paper by Brenda Walton

First, weather a picture frame. Here’s a link that shows you how: How to Make a Vintage Frame.

Next, cut your canvas to fit your frame. You can use the glass to trace the correct size and then an exacto knife to slice.

Push your canvas into the frame and slide the glass and backing to make the fit snug.

Paint the canvas with a combination of acrylic paints to create a yellowish tan.

Use Golden Gel Medium to secure pieces of scrapbook paper. Make sure you apply the medium to the back of the paper and to the canvas as well as the front of the paper.

Add embellishments using Golden Gel Medium and a hot glue gun.

Enjoy your mixed media collage.

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