St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Salt Dough Craft

Here’s a fun and easy craft for St. Patrick’s Day. Watch the video to view the step-by-step process or follow the instructions and images below the video:

Here’s the step-by-step instructions:

Measure and mix together the flour and salt:

Add water to green paint and mix, and then add the flour and salt mixture. Knead until it is the consistency of play dough:

Roll out green dough to about a quarter to a half thickness:

Cut out three hearts:

Paste the hearts together to form a shamrock:

Add a green stem:

Roll out a banner using regular salt dough:

Curl the banner on the ends:

Paste banner onto shamrock:

Insert a paper clip into the paste, and then into the top for hanging:

Bake at 170 degrees for several hours until top is hard. Turn over and back for several more hours until back is hard.

Spray with clear glaze:

Hang with a ribbon or string:

Add lettering with a sharpie marker:

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