When the Heavens Fall Silent

When you pray
And the answer does not come
The heavens fall silent
A harmonious hush heard

No “Not yet”
Nor “Wait” graces ears
Only peace that lingers
In the unknown you seek

When you pray
And the heavens fall silent
You must rest and believe
For the perfect to come

When answers to my questions do not come, I find the Lord’s silence is purposeful. What captivates His heart for me does not align with what my mind perceives it should be. I want to rush the plans I’ve labored to bring about. He sees the plan and knows the ultimate direction.

In these times, I pound upon heaven’s door in search of His purposes for my life. I seek Him for where I might have wandered from His path.  And yet only silence seeps from under the door. Heart-wrenching silence. I imagine myself slumped down, leaning against the door. 

Yet if I could only see through to the other side, I would see a flurry of angels receiving assignments. 

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