Cocoon yourself to Create

Sometimes life circumstances set us aside, and we find ourselves holed up at home:

  • Caring for the sick
  • Helping family
  • Battling illness
  • Managing home-improvement projects
  • ________ (insert your reason here)

Our normal running around turns into staying put.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how what cocoons us also creates opportunities for art. 

“Chrysalis” by JoDee Luna

It’s human to struggle with the restraints; but if we lean into the obstacles, we can use the time to pursue making something new.

Right now, my husband is home recovering from surgery, so I’ve decided to prime my next canvas for a new painting. I’ve painted one eye of my mermaid I’ve titled, Release. She embodies my desire to push forward in the many creative ventures calling to me.

This time of cocooning is helping me to slow down and create. I’m writing, creating social media posts, and allowing my imagination to run wild.

As fall heads into winter, I want the leaves of my creative life to transform into brilliant colors. 

The artwork is from my friend, Lynnette, who’s pursuing her art while taking care of her aging aunt. The watercolors she’s painting delight. She’s making the most of a challenging season by becoming the artist that’s surprising even her. 

Here are a few of her treasures:

Self-Imposed Cocooning:

Sometimes we choose to take a break from our busy lives. My daughter, Elya, is cocooning herself:

She’s decided to take a sabbatical from her career to spend more time with her children, develop her writing, and pursue her art. She’s writing a new novel, creating artwork for a children’s book, and starting a new business selling her calligraphy: 

Sea glass place holders created for a wedding.

Here’s some more posts about cocooning that might get you in the mood to embrace a season of settled:

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