Enjoy Life’s Simple Pleasures!

I opened the door to see this adorable, little pig-tailed girl smiling at me, backpack on her back and arms folded. 

We spent the day at Peltzer Winery’s Pumpkin Farm in Temecula.

No, I didn’t get any social media posts done.

No, I didn’t work on my painting.

No, I didn’t edit my manuscript or design that new web page or any number of tasks I’d set out to do. 

I enjoyed two people who are precious to me and was reminded of what’s most important in life:

Spending time with the ones you love.

Inspecting pumpkins to find just the right one.

Seeing life through the eyes of a child.

The longing to ride a pony.

Admiring sunflowers sparkling in the sun.

Tractors and pumpkins, cuddles and hugs.

I don’t ever want to forget this feeling…

slowing down and enjoying life’s little pleasures!

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