Art Heals the Soul

Listen to the painting paired with the song that inspired her:

The story behind Deborah Keily Hanson and my collaborative project, Golden Butterfly of Chiang Mai, is so amazing that I wanted to share her account with you:

“I was really inspired by your painting of the Rose.

I have been dealing with long Covid since July 2022-2023. Every time you would post an update of your painting The Rose on Facebook, I would feel a burst of hope and joy that I would improve and gradually, slowly, day by day I did!!

So even though I couldn’t play the piano again at the time, I thought maybe I could find an old recording of the song I wrote for you back in 2013, Golden Butterfly of Chiang Mai, about you and your daughter’s life journey through service and overcoming adversity.

Then I thought, “What if JoDee would collaborate and make a painting that reflects the meaning of the music?” We could put it on ITunes:)

I was overwhelmed and excited when you said yes!

This project has turned out so beautifully!

A golden butterfly portrait painted by JoDee Luna graces the CD cover of a song, Golden Butterfly of Chiang Mai, composed by Deborah Keily Hanson.

I was absolutely blown away by the depth of expression in the Butterfly portrait

The golden mask covering half of her face is especially meaningful because in 2017 I had a bad fall, smashing the bones on one side of my face. The X-rays looked terrible, and the doctor at UCLA recommended surgery immediately!

I asked if I could function without the surgery. The doctor said yes, but my face could possibly cave in, and droop down over time.

With much prayer and consideration for my family should I undergo the extreme surgery suggested, I decided that I would just continue on even if my face was damaged and I would look funny. After all, I am blessed with an incredible husband who loves me no matter what I look like:)

Our prayers were answered, and I look just fine now!! You would never know anything happened unless you see the X-ray:)

The Rose painting was the catalyst for getting me off the couch and trying to create something new again.

Thank you so much for sharing your talent with everyone in the creation of The Rose and the persona of the Golden Butterfly!”

Here’s a link to the song:

Read more of the backstory on Deborah Keily Hanson’s website:

Read more about The Rose: The Rose Blossoming in the Father’s Love.

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