Day 2 Blogging Identity Quest Leads to New Friend!


After returning from Las Vegas, I was so excited to work on my new “not yet launched” creativity blog wanting to add something new. So I set out on a blog template surfing venture. Finally my efforts lead me to a favorite pick. Unfortunately, the theme turned out to be defective and closed down the site. 

Trying to add something new can be frustrating!


My webhosting company’s “live chat” technician finally fixed the problem after a very long wait. By then I was limping through blog land and finally crumbled into a heap of discouragement on the couch thinking, “I can’t do this!” 

I returned to my trusty (yet simple) blog in order to soothe design frustrations and disappointments. Then to my surprise, Jodie Lejeune from everything vintage ( left the most encouraging comment. THANK YOU JODIE!!! I have met a wonderful contributor to my blog identity quest. This picture shot in “natural lighting” is for you because you “Brightened my Spirits.” 

Someone brightened my spirits!


Here are a few more Las Vegas photos from my picture catch/stash (Kind of like the crabs and lobsters on “Deadliest Catch,” a show my husband incessantly watches). 




New blogging identity find noted: An expert blogger’s advice is a life line!

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