Day 3 Blogging Identity Quest: Where are you my little Asian beauty?

Where are you my little Asian beauty?


I awoke early this morning and could not go back to sleep due to worry over my daughter Elya. She flew from Seoul, Korea to Hong Kong in order to celebrate the New Year with friends—all teaching English overseas in different countries. The last contact was a Christmas Eve video Skype, which was eight days ago. 

In the midst of worries gone wild, I remembered the advice of my new blogging friend, Jodie LeJeune: “I propose that you let what’s inside of you flow out…as long as it’s real and it feels good…” 

Has anyone seen my daughter?


As I lay there in bed praying, a digital art design came to mind titled, “Where are you my little Asian beauty?” The multiple photo layers seemed to position in just the right fashion creating a picture of my heart for my daughter. 

Photo taken at Mandalay Bay


So it is with digital design; one day a longing and the next morning an idea; yet, not as simple as one would think. Now the challenge begins. A mother’s worry and fear wrapped around the multiple photo layers envisioned. Extracting the final image surely coincided with emotional release. How odd for art to be so! 

Photo taken at Mandalay Bay

3 Replies to “Day 3 Blogging Identity Quest: Where are you my little Asian beauty?”

  1. Love, love, love the bamboo photo! There are so many lessons I’ve learned from bamboo -about God’s provision, about looking frail but being tough, about the pure beauty of simplicity. Your photo captured so much of it without a word! Thank you.

    Elya’s in the same hands that formed that beautiful bamboo. Appearing frail, she is strong.


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