46 Spring is peeking around the corner and I’m having a bad hair day!

So what does hints of spring coming have to do with my new haircut? Well, in late winter, I trim back my garden’s dead foliage and get the hankering to have my hair shorn.    


My husband and I pruned our rose bushes and then got this idea to transplant them. They look pretty pathetic stripped down to three stumps and I look like I have a little helmet on my head (kind of like the ones people wore while riding in those motorcycle sidecars during World War II). I can’t bear to show you the entire photo because I don’t have a stitch of make-up on and I look like a middle-aged terrorist. Or maybe I look more like Jason Borne’s girlfriend after she cut and dyed her hair while “on the lamb” in “The Bourne Identity” (“The Bourne Identity” is my husband’s favorite movie. Any other wives have to watch it a hundred times?).   

Now make no mistake, I have the best hairdresser in town. The problem is that I always talk her into cutting my hair twice as short as she thinks is wise. After this recent one, she chuckled and expressed a positive thought, “This hair cut will last you the entire summer.”    


Anyway back to the garden analogy, Justin and I are diving into a remake project of a garden plot. We were tired of fighting the crabgrass and decided to put in pavers and extend our patio.    


In terms of my hair, I got tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the wild grey hairs streaming from the back of my neck like scary spider webs in a haunted house. Better yet, the hairs kind of looked like crabgrass winding its way up through my brunette tresses. So, the logical solution was to use the bulldozer approach and reform my former look just like the garden redo!    

Justin has not stopped staring at me since he returned home from work yesterday. He glanced repeatedly at my hair during the evening and then again this morning. The look on his face is similar to a person’s expression who sees vomit on the sidewalk.    

Today, I will endeavor to improve the situation with a few highlights (I was once a hairdresser). I’ll let you know how that turns out.    

Back to the subject once again, I know spring is emerging because I’m taking those garden shots (the camera kind, I mean).    


When visiting my sister recently, I delighted to see her newly potted plants and she agreed to share them with my blog readers.    

Gina is welcoming spring!

Spring is a time for setting out to accomplish some of those New Year’s Resolutions you promised yourself you’d do.    

Gina's spring delight!

One of mine was to finally jump of the edge and buy a self-publishing package. I am happy to announce I have decided to go with CreateSpace, a newly purchased company that is now part of www.amazon.com (unless I change my mind again, which is a definite possibility).    

Saying good-bye to hopes of traditionally publishing was more difficult than anticipated but this path is sure fun and promises that interested readers can easily buy my books.I figure life is about risks and whether that is redoing your garden or having your hair cut off, what is the worst that can happen? You won’t like the garden project but the hair will grow back. I might regret my choice of self-publishing but there are many other books in the making for the future.   

So I pray that this is a wise decision and venture out to try.    

From Gina's garden

Besides, if I never take a chance, how will I expect my dreams to come true?    

Gina's Garden

Recent blogging identity quest findings: I definitely enjoy blogging pensively and humorously. I need pictures  to divide my blah, blah, blah of words and comments to reassure me that someone is enjoying the posts (You can lie. I won’t mind). Recent contacts with other writers have opened up another world of blogs for me to enjoy and be inspired by. I thank all of my faithful readers for their continued encouragement!

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