Floating down the river of Denial…

Who wouldn’t choose a mental float down the river of denial rather than drudge through ankle thick mud of reality? Self-preservation rationalized not posting on a critique forum when I read the ruthless (yet insightful) comments made about other writers’ work.  

Before this mental exit, I did a lot of book soul-searching in an attempt to decide which manuscript to bring to the AuthorizeMe Seminar I will soon attend. As I sifted through two of my options, neither of them sounded very good to me. I know this is because of reading the critiques posted on the Writer’s Digest Discussion Forums.

I cringed while reading the shark-like slashing of stories, essays, queries, and chapter excerpts wondering, How would my writing stand up to these ruthless evaluations?


Although I really should find out, self-preservation seeped through the sieve of my thoughts, Maybe when my work is more polished was the agreed upon response.

Isn’t that the point, JoDee? My alternate ego argued back. You will never know how good your writing is until you start posting pieces on forums to let experienced writers and editors have a go at them.

I wish I could tell you that I have worked through my fears; however, as I write, the thought still terrifies me.

Yes, pushing this writer’s journey forward proves far more painful for me than planned. Each step of the trek requires pushing through the sludge of my humanity. Yet, in spite of the risk required, I slowly move one muddy boot forward at a time. Listen closely and you will hear the sucking sound made from the last successful step.

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8 Replies to “Floating down the river of Denial…”

    1. I read your post and visited Linda’s blog. WOW! Both your post and her art touched something deep inside of me. I fought back the tears as I went through her pages knowing how she had to overcome fear in order to bring her gifts into the world. Her artwork is so beautiful and intriguing. I would love to feature your post and her blog if that is ok with the both of you.


  1. Sissy,
    I’ve been enjoying reading your bloggies. I say “Go for it!” Don’t worry about being slashed by the critics. It’s a well known fact that we always write best from a broken heart :-(. Seriously, I’m sure they will have lots good to say about your writing. I love you very much. I’m getting geared up to get that editing done!
    Sissy G


  2. Hey! I didn’t know that rivers name was “denial”? It looks awfully familiar to me!! Lets see….where have I sent that before???? hmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Go for it girlfriend….if anyone gives you a hard time I will kick their butts okay?


  3. I look forward to when you can point to this post and just smile while thinking back at the doubts. Having others celebrate your talents in the future, will be a fantastic experience.


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