Safe arrival…music to my ears!

There is a deadness that sinks into your soul and burrows ever deeper as it goes. You call his number, but to no avail. “No service available.”    

He’s gone…flying far away through amber skies. You weep. A mother’s heart is broken.    

Read about Josiah and Monique's trip at


I scribbled these thoughts on a sticky note after trying to return my son’s phone call he sent right before flying to South Africa.    

“Mom, I really wanted to talk to you before I left. I miss you so much.”    

I had heard a strange ringing while eating my lunch at work but didn’t recognize my new phone’s tone. When I realized it was my phone, I scrambled to find the “missed call” button. My son, Josiah, had tried to reach me before he left, but I had missed it. When I called his phone it was dead, and that deadness pained my heart. I cried.    

Twenty minutes later, I heard the ringing again and a colleague, Tami, yelled, “It’s him, answer it!”    

Hearing Josiah’s voice that last time was incredible.  Sadness dissipated as my heart filled with joy. Then the wait began. I tried to push away those tormenting thoughts, When will they arrive safely?     


Good News! My son and his girlfriend have arrived safely in South Africa. You can track their travels at Monique’s new blog

4 Replies to “Safe arrival…music to my ears!”

  1. As I tried to tell Gary…”Oh good Josiah and Monique arrived in S. Africa” My voice cracked and I started to choke up! So glad you got to talk to him, and also that they arrived there safely! This will be me in a few months as Kadie embarks on her journey to S. Africa too.


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