Color: Pushing Past Pencil

The following is an excerpt from a post I just featured on my creativity website. I share it as a tribute to all of us right-brainers out there living in a left-brained world.

Color: Pushing Past Pencil

Color entices and yet terrifies me, and I’ve always wondered why. Author Betty Edwards explains in her book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, that color is about values, shadows, hues, intensity of tones:

“Skillful use of color requires first of all the ability to perceive color as value. This ability is difficult, perhaps impossible, to acquire unless one has learned to perceive the relationships of lights and shadows through drawing.”

She also provides a “logical progression” to follow,

“From Line     to Value          to Color           to Painting”

I, in contrast, see in lines and edges, strong and defined. I adore sketching but put a paintbrush in my hand, and I freeze. I look longingly at how my daughter does not fear color. Just the contrary, she delights in painting with vibrant, primary colors. I envy her fluidity. READ MORE

Mask painted and decorated by Elya Filler

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