Chrysalis by Susan Lordi

Sad goodbyes haunt my memories
Almost eight years spent traversing the earth
I breathed in your scent and kissed soft cheeks when our arms entangled
Pulling apart broke my heart into tiny pieces that blew away in the wind
Never to fit together quite the same way again

 Recently, you held the Mother’s Day gift I gave you, “Chrysalis,” in your hands
I read the inscription and we sighed, “Protect and cherish; give wings to fly”
Then you placed it next to the framed picture and scripture
That kept you and I sane when I traveled far away
“May the Lord watch between us while we are apart.”

The times we could have had together perished
So something new could grow in my life
Thank you, Mom
For loving me enough to let me go

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14 Replies to “Chrysalis”

  1. Letting your child go. My son is in North Carolina and I am in Miami. There is no work here and this is a pretty violent place and my son doesn’t take any lip from anyone. He’s safer up there. I have to let him go. I am an only child. I miss him. He’ll be 30 soon. He’s cool and want him around me all the time. It will not be. I don’t like it. I am angry. My daughter is here and there are 3 grandchildren and that is some consolation. But still, a big piece of the whole is missing.


    1. Carl,

      I feel your pain. Two of my children have been overseas for a year. My heart ached while they were gone. I cannot imagine a longterm situation like you have.


  2. Very beautiful. Moms are unexplainably special, yet your words give touching insight into how deep the waters flow in the mother-daughter bond. Thank you.


  3. Wow, this is beautiful — your mother holding you and letting you go. That is love! So grateful to read this tonight. Thank you.

    (P.S. Are you a Bruin, too?) 🙂


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