The Entrepreneurial Side of Art

I’ll be honest; I’m mesmerized by the business side of art because I find the idea that people can do what they love and get paid for it fascinating. Entrepreneurs like Kelly Rae Roberts and Mary Engelbreit motivate me.

These innovative women took their artistic passions into the marketplace and changed the world for the better. Kelly Rae Roberts was my muse for getting into mixed media. I followed her instructions in her book, Taking Flightto create this piece that includes collage, oil painting, and embellishments (mask, feathers, ribbon,  and jewelry):


6 responses to “The Entrepreneurial Side of Art

    • Stephanie, I visited, and enjoyed, your blog. I’m impressed. It sounds like “you are” far more than you pretend.

      My son is completing his masters at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, so I get to enjoy in-depth conversations with him about entrepreneurs and social enterprise. Your work delights me because you are so young and yet already having such a wonderful impact on others. You go girl!

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