Why I Create Art

“I love your art work…it is truly an expression of your soul at this time.” My friend Donna’s words expressed one of the many reasons why I create art.

Love Gives Freely Mixed Media Mixed

When the soul rumbles so deeply inside that I can’t express feelings with mere words, I disappear into my art room and make something. Sometimes I have an inkling of what I want to do, but more often I don’t overthink what I choose to put into a mixed media piece.

Love Gives Freely

If something moves me in the moment, I add the item. Sometimes I like the result and sometimes I don’t, but it doesn’t matter because I always feel better after an artistic binge. In fact, the very act of creating provides the release I so desperately need.

Here are a few other reasons why I make art:

  • Reflection: Art helps me to reflect upon the state of my emotions and thoughts and to discover my deeper desires. When I craft my reflections into art, they become clearer to me. I made this mixed media after a disappointing experience I needed to process.Broken Promises, Mixed Media
  • Healing: The act of creating something is therapeutic. It’s like breaking open a bottled up soul and releasing the flow. In this piece, the bird in the bottle represents my trapped soul.

  • Worship: My art is often an expression of those faint faith whispers, the subtle impressions I hope are messages from my Creator. I try to craft them into art in hopes of capturing their essence so I can remember to thank the Lord for all of His goodness and blessings.

  • Comfort: Art comforts me and helps me to comfort others. Sometimes I find myself praying for a person and then think of making something to express my concern.

  • Giving: I enjoy giving my art to people who seem to match certain pieces. My online friend, Cheryl Smith, writes a blog about abiding, so I made this piece with her in mind.
  • Teaching: I make art to teach others. When I was a classroom teacher, I had a dough sculpture day with my struggling literacy students. My intent was to recreate what I grew up enjoying around our family’s table.
  • This day is always a favorite. While students are sculpturing, I share more than the needed supplies and skills for the craft; I touch upon the secrets of developing a creative life. Their creations warm my heart.
  • Often readers ask questions about art techniques, and I enjoy answering them through comments. You can find all of my arts and crafts lessons by selecting the link on the home page titled “Creative Projects.”

    Would I enjoy making lots of money from my artwork one day? Sure I would, if I could part with the pieces. But often they are connected with a particular struggle or experience so dear to me that I have a hard time letting them go.

    Recently, I’ve decided to make some mixed media pieces based on my favorite themes to sell on my Etsy store. I figured this would be a way I could develop my creativity business and share my art with others. I sold a vintage mask that a customer bought because the message really hit her, “Freedom to Be.” She was at a turning point in her life and the message empowered her to choose the path she really wanted.





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