Pressed Flower Mixed Media Collage

This is a great mixed media project for beginners that need a little help with creating a background. Begin with a frame. You can see how to crackle a frame by accessing this post: Mixed Media Collage Recycling Project.

For the background, I used “Pure Joy” Art-to-Borrow by Rachel Emilie Jackson that was included in theSomerset Studio Magazine’s “A Somerset Summer” issue.

You can use the window as a light box to determine which part of the paper you want to center. Just place the paper over the frame’s back piece and align.

Next, trim the paper around the frame backing.

Apply Golden Gel Medium to the backing and then press the paper onto the backing.

Use an old credit card to smooth the paper.

Brush gel medium on the front of the paper and press your pressed flowers onto the gel. You can press flowers by placing the blooms in between either wax paper or paper towels and then stacking books on top of them. The drying time is about a week depending upon how dry the climate is in which you live. Place them in a warm area of your home or garage so they don’t mold.

After your mixed media is dry, place the frame backing into the frame.

Lastly, adorn the frame with embellishments such as ribbon and butterflies.

Here’s a close up of the mixed media. By using paper created by an artist with a mixed media look, you can easily create a simplified version with just a few additions. In time, you might decide to try your own mixed media background that contains similar elements as the paper has in photo form.

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