The Longing

Have you ever longed for something so intensely that your heart hurts?

What’s worse is when the longing creeps into you, and you don’t know what you’re longing for but just feel this emptiness inside.

Call me crazy or maybe it’s what my mother explains when I tell her I’m out of sorts: “Us artists are a little bit off with highs and lows.” Whatever the case may be, the longing hits and with it feelings of doom and gloom.

On the up side, I’ve definitely noticed a pattern. The longing often precede an epiphany, something God wants to show me, a burst of creativity, or a new direction. When I feel that awful emptiness, at first I go into avoidance and try to dull it with a myriad of meaningless activities.

But eventually it gets so intense that I turn to Him for comfort and listen for His direction. And He’s always faithful to deliver, to lift the depression, to inspire me to turn the doldrums into artistic delights that can bring hope to others.

Are you feeling the longing today?

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