Courage is Accumulative

I believe that courage is accumulative. The more we make decisions to overcome our fears and do what we know is right, the more our minds and spirits increase in strength and resolve. 

Small courageous steps take us a little bit further down the path of our destiny. Yet although they are necessary, they are often uncomfortable.

I’m trying to do what I dread. When I was a single mother, being courageous meant balancing my checkbook so I could shed financial denial. 

When I started making masquerade masks, it took courage to send away for masquerade mask samples from overseas companies took. 

It took courage to start painting portraits. I well remember how scary it was to paint the Queen in a mixed media art piece.

Drawing from my reserves of courage increased my confidence to try more portraits. 

Yes, courage is the undergirding of our wills that enables us to face the worst of circumstances. However, it is also the spark we need in order to do something we desire yet are terrified to pursue. If we will move our art projects forward one step at a time, our courage will accumulate and we will find ourselves attempting feats we never dreamed possible.

One such feat for me was transforming this photo of my daughter into an acrylic painting.

If you’re a creative in need of some courage, draw strength from artistic journey. Try something that terrifies you. And when you do, remember that

Courage is Accumulative!

Reproductions available on my Fine Art America Store:

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